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Big City Skills with Hometown Customer Service

Driftless Area Group encompasses a team of dedicated professionals driven by a desire to provide top-notch and personalized property and real estate services in the community where they live. 

The company produces the best results and service in the industry through an expert, multi-disciplinary team that has decades of experience as stewards of the land, keepers of the home, and protectors of your investment.  

Its team of professionals brings a passion for community to the driftless area. As long-time residents of this striking region of gashed and furrowed terrain, they aim to help others buy, sell, and survey the land they hold dear while protecting clients’ investments for future generations.

Property investments involve many areas of expertise. With Driftless Area Group, this expertise resides under one roof. The company offers surveying, real estate, insurance, and design services.

The firm’s experts recognize that anyone can provide a service and understand that true value lies in partnerships with those they serve. Driftless Area Group runs its business like family and cares about its clients in the same way. Through a hands-on approach unavailable in many larger firms, team members listen thoughtfully to clients’ real estate goals then craft solutions that make sense to become trusted partners in their real estate journey. 

The locally owned and operated firm delivers experience you can trust and service you can count on. Whether you are new to the market or an experienced investor, Driftless Area Group has the expertise, the proven track record, and the available resources to achieve your real estate goals.